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10 years, 70% discount!

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Celebrate with us the 10 years anniversary of IFW, send the answer to these simple questions to


  1. What year did we film the first IFW wrestling match IFW0_1 Andrea vs Robi?
  2. Who won the catfight IFW26 Andrea vs Robi?
  3. Robi and Andrea had 4 catfights, IFW26, IFW56, IFW138, IFW187.  Who won more, Robi or Andrea?
  4. Who was the winner of IFW Summer Party 2019?
  5. Who is wrestling in IFW75 Dead vs Envy?
  6. What is the final score of IFW221 Robi vs Ambra Choke Holds?
  7. Who won BX007 Ambra vs Michela Boxe?


Each correct answer (only one chance) is worth 10% cumulative discount, so you can earn up to 70% discount valid until December 31, 2022!