The following matches are available for sponsorship, please email sales@italianfemalewrestling.it for info:


VenereLaraPin and submission w/chokeholdsNo time limitNov
SabrinaMichelaCatfightNo time limitDec
LunaChiaraCatfightNo time limitDec
LunaAndreaCatfightNo time limittbd
OliviaAdelePin and submission w/chokeholdsNo time limitDec
4 girls Gi jacket + thongs 6 matches tournament6×5 minutesDec
AndreaAdeleBoxing6 roundsDec
Marica, MichelaBeatrice, AdeleHolds ChallengePre Sale
AdeleAmbraPin and submission w/chokeholdsPre Sale
LaraVenereHolds ChallengePre Sale
AndreaVenereCatfightPre Sale
LaraAndreaPin and submission w/chokeholds Pre Sale
OliviaAdeleHolds Challenge Pre Sale
AdeleMichelaPin and submission w/chokeholds Pre Sale


Grey = sponsored, late sponsorship available or Pre-sale available

“Sponsorship” means that you can support IFW with your contribution to cover the costs and arrange a match from the list above: we will schedule each match when sponsored

“Late sponsorship” means that once a match is sponsored you can still join as a sponsor to receive the video the moment it is ready, instead of waiting for its release (a few months up to one year)