Pre sales – Collector Edition

Here are the previews of the videos that are currently available in the pre-sale Collector Edition format.

The pre-sale Collector Edition videos include:

  • The video flow of the main camera 1080 50p (Wide angle, full scene). This camera often includes extra footage that might not be in the final release (like additional warming up, interviews and else) – EXCLUSIVE
  • The final edited video 1080 50p, with 2 cameras (this version will be released for sale)
  • Upon request, both video files above can be delivered 4k 50p: experience the video’s fluidity at 50 frames per second!!!!

The pre-sales Collector Edition are available for a limited time only for 150 Euro each and will be removed from this page without prior notice.

Get in touch by email ( if interested in any of them:


IFW505 Alessia vs Giulia Ferrari – Tests of Strength and Belly Punching


IFW511 Adele vs Alberto – Rematch


IFW512 Giulia vs Luna – Tests of Strength and Belly Punching


IFW513 Adele vs Alessia – Smother


IFW514 Elena vs Marzia – Smother


IFW516 Luna vs Valentino – Rematch


IFW517 Alessia vs Luna – Pins


IFW518 Andrea vs Olivia – Catfight


IFW519 Alessia vs Olivia – Pin & Submission


IFW520 Andrea vs Sabrina – Smother