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IFW Club is Italian Female Wrestling’s members’ area, where you can watch 400 IFW videos in streaming, anywhere, anytime, on any device immediately after subscribing!

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IFW Club includes:
– 400 IFW videos streaming at 720p and 1080p resolution: Full list
– at least 4 full videos are added every month (also mixed), and an equivalent number of videos will be removed
– exclusive interviews
– access from PC, Tablet, Smartphone
– dedicated App for mobile devices
– recently filmed full videos premieres (see an example here), available in September 2023 only:
IFW452 Beatrice vs Adele – Tests of strength
IFW453 Beatrice vs Adele – Holds challenge
IFW456 Andrea vs Ambra – Pin and submission with chokes (rematch)
IFW457 Luna vs Ambra – Pin and submission
IFW459 Aura vs Andrea – Catfight
IFW460 Andrea vs Luna – Wrestling Marathon


How to subscribe to IFW Club?
Click on the button “Subscribe to IFW Club” on this page.
Choose the subscription payment option that you prefer, open a Gumroad account, pay with a credit card or PayPal and you are all set.

To cancel your subscription just click the “Unsubscribe” button in your Gumroad account. After the end of the paid period, the subscription will not be renewed.


How to log in to IFW Club?
IFW Club is hosted by our partner GumRoad. To enter IFW Club simply use the link you received after subscribing, or click the link above “Enter IFW Club” and log in with your GumRoad credentials if you opened an account there.


How much does it cost?
1 month – 49,99 Euro
3 months – 134,98 Euro. Save 10%.

Payments will be automatically collected unless you unsubscribe.


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