I am Davide, the founder, and owner of IFW, an Italian female / mixed wrestling and catfight video producer.
My deep passion for video making has always led me towards those who appreciate the total quality of my works. This idea reflects in IFW production, how the girls are trained, how they are committed and truly involved in what they do.
This is what our fans see in IFW today, this is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Things looked a bit different back in August 2012, when Davide, a professional video maker, met 4 girls who accepted to learn how to wrestle and took some wrestling classes in the gym.
Of those girls, one was Robi, a high school girl attending the last year: she was very thin, always smiling, and looked too fragile and sweet to be a real wrestler. Another one was Andrea, she was skinny too, pale in her face and living on a crazy sleeping schedule; still, she looked determined since the first training.
We were all sure that it would have ended up in nothing, but these girls started to grow a passion for wrestling, and they soon realized how much they loved to be in front of a camera. In a few months time, the website was online, more like a challenge: “let’s see if what we do is interesting for someone out there”.
What happened since then, is there for all to see…