How can I pay?
Credit card (VISA and Mastercard and PayPal).

How can I get a free video?
Keep the purchase confirmation emails:
– Every 20 videos bought you can pick one for free (catfights excluded)
– Every 12 videos bought in 30 consecutive calendar days you can pick one for free (catfights included)

What is a promo code and how it works?
The Coupon is a code (generated only by IFW) that will get you a discount.
Choose the video you want to use the Coupon for, type the code in the Cart form and complete the purchase procedure. The amount will be deducted from the total amount.



How can I receive assistance on my order?
Write to sales@italianfemalewrestling.it



Why should I open an account?
You don’t need to provide us with any personal data to be able to buy our content. You can pay with PayPal without registering.
It is highly advisable to make a free account on www.italianfemalewrestling.com: each time you’ll buy a video, you’ll find the download link in your personal area.

However a registered user (still anonymous) has some advantages like:
–  Orders history: you will be able to check what you have already ordered, any time;
–  Download history: you will be able to download the videos you purchased (as long as the link has not expired);
– Direct download from IFW website: once completing the purchase procedure you will receive an email with the download link for your videos. However, the registered user will find the link directly on the website without having to wait for the email.
– Wishlist: you will be able to save your favorite videos in a list and purchase them at a later stage;
– Voting: only registered user can vote the videos.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?
In order not to miss the opportunity to receive special offers and to be constantly updated on news and events!

How to change my account’s email?
Just log in and once authenticated, do the following:

  • Go to “My account”
  • Account details
  • Change the email address
  • Save

How do I change my password?
Just log in and once authenticated, do the following:

  • Go to “My account”
  • Account details
  • Change the password
  • Save

If you can’t remember your password, click on “I lost my password” link to ask for a new one. A link to your email address will be sent in order to reset your password.



Can I receive some videos on a DVD or USB memory?
Yes, write to sales@italianfemalewrestling.it and make your request. Extra costs and shipping costs apply.

How do I make sure that my devideo (PC, Smart TV, Tablet, Smartphone, Console…) is compatible with the 4K UHD 3840×2160 H264 (mp4)?
The best way i sto test it: download this test-video and see how it plays on your device.

What happens if my videos get lost? Can I download them again?
Once the download links have expired after 48 hours, you can always request new download links for your videos (even after months or years, as long as you can provide the purchase number), at a cost of 7 Euro per video as a contribution for bandwidth cost