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IFW means 100% real and competitive fighting.
In a custom video you choose the wrestlers, the duration, and decide the rules: pins and submission wrestling, catfight, test of strength, mixed, holds challenge, belly punching…

Order your custom with IFW if you like:
Highly competitive and technical matches, because IFW girls train weekly with a professional martial artist, and have up to 5 years of experience in wrestling.
Real and emotional fights, because the girls are young and impulsive, with proud personalities and would never give up! You are involved in their efforts, joy in victory and desperation in defeat.
The best quality in video making. You feel even the girls’ breathing, sobbing, and light moans, because we shoot with 2 professional Ultra HD cameras with microphones studied to catch all sounds from the environment.
You seize the details of facial expressions and bodies of the wrestlers thanks to different lights sets generating diffused illumination and shadows.
The film director comes from the music video clip industry and his meticulous choice of each scene’s camera angle will result in a thoroughly customized production, according to your request.
English subtitles let you understand what the girls say in Italian.

An estimate is provided after evaluating your requirements in detail.

Shooting and delivery
Once agreed on all details on the custom video and after receiving the payment, the shooting is scheduled.
Your custom video in Full HD 1080p resolution is delivered as a download link, within 3-4 days from the shooting.
Note: IFW keeps the property and rights of the custom videos and can freely decide to sell them after delivery. The client acquires a copy for personal use only and in no way has the right to share or sell it to others.

Please find the detailed Terms and Conditions about ordering a custom video here: Terms and Conditions.

Let’s discuss your custom video!
Just send your idea to or fill the form below. We will answer within 24 hours.

Custom video

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