BX007 – Ambra vs Michela Boxe

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Ambra has trained hard in several disciplines lately, and boxing is definitely one of those. Michela has been into boxing for over one year, and finally decided to step into the ring for her first match.
Today the two proud and hot spirited girls face off, and we will follow the match day from the moment they enter the gym.

Pre-match (18 minutes)
This part includes the two girls arriving, changing, concentrating and getting ready for the match. After warming up in the ring, it’s time to wear the gloves, tighten them with tape, put on some cream, do some sparring with the helpers, put on the mouthpieces and… fight!

Match (19 minutes)
Luna and Adele support Ambra and Michela today. As usual we have a professional referee and a judge on duty for the 5 rounds of 2 minutes each.
The fighters start carefully and study each other, but already in the first round you’ll start to see some hot exchanges and hard punches landing on the fighters’ face and body.
But it’s during Round 3 that they both will turn into fighting furies, as the look in their eyes changes and the atmosphere ignites.
The amount of aggression that Ambra and Michela express in this match is unprecedented.
Round 4 and 5 are a crazy, dramatic battle. One girl is counted after a terrific sequence… and the fight ends in a spectacular crescendo!

Post-match (6 minutes)
The interviews of the fighters take place right after the end of the match. After the winner is declared, she rightfully shows overwhelming joy, while the loser is obviously disappointed and already asking for a rematch. The judge and the referee explain more in detail how the match went, and the score of each round.
This is without a doubt the most intense of all the BX matches so far, mainly thanks to the strong personality and incredible commitment of both Ambra and Michela. An epic match, not to be missed!

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
  • Michela
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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3 years ago

Hi! Is there another way to pay without using PayPal? Thanks!

3 years ago

Another superb quality video featuring attractive girls not afraid to glove up and fight. Ambra has aggression and both girls were sometimes street-fighting in gloves, rather than boxing, which made it exciting. Excellent work.
With more training, Ambra will be a good opponent for Luna (who I see keeping close eye in the corner. Maybe she is looking at her next match 😉

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago


All over very very quickly. Just when it’s getting started and it’s beginning to warm up, (including a standing count), it’s all done. First couple of rounds there’s nothing going on (neither of them have been told about jabs, much less trained in them – they don’t jab at all).

Five rounds. Seemed like three. Half the video is getting gloves and boots on.

Aesthetically a lot to see (!). Boxing? Not much

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago
Reply to  ifw

I didn’t feel there was enough time for pathos and intensity to mature.

3 years ago

Fantastic video once again, filled with great action! Love the girls, they fought very tough! We’re expecting more exciting boxing videos!