IFW187+IFW138+IFW136 – Robi vs Andrea slapping catfight

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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
  • Andrea
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 105lb

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This collectors’ video includes 3 outstanding matches between Robi and Andrea, for a total of almost 2 hours footage. Viewing them in chronological order will give you a clear idea of how the rivalry between them picked up from where was left before Robi’s long stop.

IFW136 (40min) – pins and submission wrestling – summer 2018

We learn from the initial interviews that this is the first time Robi fights Andrea after coming back from her long break. Andrea is waiting for her and definitely wants to teach her a lesson. Robi will test her shape against her long-time rival in a (well over) 15 minutes pins and submission wrestling match.
It’s a super hot summer day and Andrea is more aggressive and attacks trying to squash Robi from the beginning to the end, however, Robi knows how to defend herself and even fight back in an even match. Towards the end, things start to slip out of hand, a bite, scratching… looks like the girls are somehow anticipating the catfight that will take place next!

IFW138 (43 min) – catfight – summer 2018

In the beautiful sunset light, Robi and Andrea face off for another thrilling no time limit catfight. 3-2-1 and they are literally clinging to each other’s hair! Robi takes Andrea by surprise with her unexpected aggressiveness, using her agility and determination to keep her under pressure. It takes some time for Andrea to realize what is going on and set herself to fight back. Hairpulling is crazy strong and painful for both, only stamina and breath will finally make the difference, with one wrestler prevailing and managing to subdue the opponent with a terrific neck-breaking scissor hold, putting an end to the match!
The devastated loser will kiss her conqueror’s biceps only to be dragged inside for the long and humiliating front and reverse facesitting domination, even forced to repeatedly implore her to let go! Such an ending screams for vengeance!

IFW187 (30min) – catfight with face slaps – summer 2019

One year later, both girls wanted this match to be as violent as it could be, as they explain during the interviews at the makeup table.
The match is with no doubt the hardest ever seen between them. Hairpulling is fierce and face slapping adds to it, making the fight almost turn into a street brawl. But then headlocks, takedowns, scissors are there to remind you that this is still wrestling and the ladies do have skills!
Robi’s top is far too small, will she make up for it with her legendary agility and stamina?
After a dramatic crescendo of intensity leading to the final submission, you’ll see how the loser is posed on and face slapped across the mats for the most humiliating ending.

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Vaclav Tucek
Vaclav Tucek

Krásný souboj, skvělé ženy umí zápasit na 100%


This is the best production of IFW so far and I dare to say it’s the best of the whole industry. First fight is like a warm up fight, you can clearly see Robi is not at her 100% shape. The first catfight is incredible, after the starting sequence you are just thinking it will shortly end with Robi sitting on Andrea’s face and making fun of her. WRONG, the match is so long and with a lot of changes of side and plot twists. In the end the loser is completely subdued and she suffers the hardest domination ever… Read more »

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan

Very enjoyable and good purchase.

First fight is a little dull and stalematey as the heat is so exhausting neither have the energy but eventually there’s a winner

The second is my favourite but also includes some big humiliation in facesitting and taunting. I think it’s for old time’s sake as the rivalry including humiliation between these two goes way back.

Ideally you need to be a fan of one of these beauties to ensure this is in your collection but otherwise you purchase for the quality of contest and the value for money of taking the trio