IFW75 – Dead vs Envy – Halloween Match

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00:25:35 h:min:sec


Dead and Envy face off in the 2016 Halloween match and it’s a breath taking video because the girls are not allowed to take even a single break during the whole fight! For sure they can stop and drink… but the opponent is allowed to attack anytime! Stopping is losing!
Especially terrific and tight headlocks and chokes, but also takedowns, breast smothers and scissors are widely used during this match. Pins are also allowed.
The match is 100% competitive and almost entirely fought in very close mat wrestling, where the superb technical skills of the masked girls emerge.
After a long and even battle for supremacy, one of the wrestlers will force a submission out of her opponent, with a spectacular headlock plus breast smother combination, and she will humiliate the loser posing on her, after having removed her makeup thus revealing her real identity!


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  • Robi
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5 years ago

allways pleasure to see this match up. the fight was quite balanced. one girl almost chocked out the other but the girl fight back and won finally. very exiciting

2 years ago
Reply to  bidankamille87

may I knwo who won the match

6 years ago