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Andrea vs Sabrina Catfight

“Not only this is a hairpulling catfight, this is Sabrina’s match of her life! Andrea has always looked down at Sabrina as a weakling, and has never missed a chance to make fun of her, both personally and behind her back. There is no love lost between the two, and they have never fought before, except a short match in the Pool Summer Party 2016, where Andrea reduced her opponent to tears!
This double release clearly shows the dislike between the two; in the first match one girl teases the other and also repeatedly plays dirty. In the second match – the catfight – they will jump at each other without mercy. Sabrina has been training on her own for three months, and this is her opportunity to close Andrea’s mouth once for all!
It’s five o’clock in the morning in open countryside. Sabrina and Andrea are ready for a catfight which will remain stamped in your and the two wrestlers’ memory forever!

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