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The Pool Summer Party 2016 is a 100% competitive outdoor tournament between two teams, formed according to the choices of the two captains: Andrea for the Blue team and Robi for the Pink team. Andrea with Ambra, Lara, Nina and Robi with Sabrina, Stella, Venere fight each other in a series of 5 minutes, pauseless, very competitive pins and submission wrestling matches where to the pins and submissions on the mats will be added an additional point assigned by the judges to the wrestler of their choice, thus determining the final result. Winning means 3 points for the team. There will also be 2 truly spectacular six minutes tag team matches. The team scoring more points wins the tournament and is awarded a 4.000 Euro prize, which will be equally shared among the girls.
The two wrestlers with the two best personal scores on the mats (without considering the votes cast by the committee) will fight the final match, regardless of the team result, and this will be a catfight (sold separately). The winner of the Pool Summer Party receives a trophy and a special 2.000 Euro prize.
What is interesting is the strategy that the teams will need to design: each time the captains choose which girl will fight the next match. The team who lost the previous match must pick the girl first. The captains together with their team mates need to think how to get the most favourable matchups for their own team according to the girls’ characteristics.
Competitiveness is always at the highest imaginable point as no girl wants to disappoint the team mates with a bad result, affecting the team’s chances to win (for both glory and cash) making the event a great wrestling show.
The almost 2 hours long video of the event starts with a nice runaway show with the girls entering the pool area, showing their muscles in a face to face staredown, and then each wrestler will be asked several questions about the tournament, their expectations and a confrontation between her team mates vs the opponents. This takes up the first 20 minutes or so.
Finally, the wrestling starts!
It’s 10 matches in all (plus the final, sold separately), where you will see girls jumping at their opponent like crazy, wrestlers resisting a scissor beyond the limit and almost throwing up on the mats refusing to give up, weight mismatches with heroic performances, unexpected surprising results, injuries, hardly criticized jury committee’s decisions, strong discussions with the ref, amazing holds.
The final award ceremony will follow with medals for the winning team, interviews and time for craziness in the swimming pool!
What an incredible event!

Download the tournament rules.

TOTAL VIDEO LENGTH 1 H 54 MIN, with presentation, interview and final awards.
Total match length 52 minutes

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