IFW96 – Andrea vs Sabrina Catfight

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01:01:16 h:min:sec

  • Andrea
  • age: 27
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 105lb
  • Sabrina
  • age: 25
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb

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Countryside, a lonely field at dawn. That’s the ideal location for this extreme catfight between Sabrina and Andrea. The way they walk in, strip, warm up… everything shows they are getting ready for something big, that you are going to witness from your unique matside seat.
This catfight has no time limit, and one must give up the match to stop it. The head to head staredown makes their breath grow heavier, and they start!
Wild hairpulling, headlocks, smothers see both take their turn leading the game in an even and ultra competitive fight, until the moment when the most aggressive headlock plus breast smother combo determines the first submission and some serious pain to the neck.
The match escalates as someone is looking for revenge, and this is a long scene of unprecedented intensity, with one girl struggling to “survive” trapped in a deadly headlock and smother.
From now on, the match becomes an untamed struggle between two merciless warriors, with the only goal of causing unbearable pain in the other, and make her submit once for all!
The better athletic performance and unbreakable determination will make the difference and allow one girl to finally prevail in this electrifying and incredibly even fight, and force the opponent to give up the match.
The following victory pose and humiliation for the loser are the natural conclusion of such an impressive fight. Not to be missed!

Andrea choses to wear one of the sexiest bikinis we have seen on her so far for today’s match vs Sabrina.
The initial armwrestling warms up the atmosphere and leads us into the pins and submission match.
Andrea starts fast and seems to be in control, keeping a constant pressure on her opponent: when she gets Sabrina in a full nelson and scissors her you will be waiting to hear the “submit!”, but it won’t come that easy! On the contrary, Sabrina is a tough girl and she has a reaction which puts Andrea in trouble more than once. Both are very technical, agile and strong. The intensity of the match shows how their rivalry is real and strong.
You will see them suffering in terrific scissors, thrown down on the mats and breast smothered, until when one of the two breaks the rules in a way that totally changes the match! As a consequence, the second part will be even harder and spectacular… at a crazy rhythm, full of very real trash talking and turning into a street fight more than a wrestling match!
One of the wrestlers will end up being defeated in the end, and she will be totally upset under the winner’s foot, after what had happened during the match.
I guess you will agree that there is no other way than a catfight to settle the argument!


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Antonio K
Antonio K

Thanks for the Club I had the pleasure of watching a very spirited fight to the very end !! Both are like wildcats!!!Keep up the good work !!

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan

IFW 76 :-

Bought it, watched it, loved it.
– Bad temper,
– Bad mouthing,
– Bitchiness
– Great wrestling.


Sabrina was very strong now and ready to destroy her grudge rival. and the result was suprising. rematch must ve set up asap.

geoff accardo
geoff accardo