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Xena vs IFW!

Xena (@XenaWrestling on Twitter) is visiting IFW on March 28-30th. She is ready to take any challenge, and we will let you choose her opponents.

There are two options to sponsor her matches: the full sponsorship books the match, while a co-sponsorship needs another co-sponsor to join in order to confirm the match.
We have two full days of shooting only, first come first served. Rules are 15 min, pin&submission (chokehold available for most matchups).

Xena vs Adele
Xena vs Ambra
Xena vs Andrea
Xena vs Chiara
Xena vs Luna (no chokes)
Xena vs Michela
Xena vs Olivia
Xena vs Sabrina (no chokes)
Xena vs Venere

Co-sponsorships are 200 Euro
Full sponsorships are 4-500 Euro

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