IFW95 – Andrea vs Nina

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Nina is an extremely tough opponent and a sturdy wrestler with good grappling skills; Andrea went through some weeks of specific training to be ready for this match, as she says in the initial interview.
Not a single word is exchanged during the warm up: you could cut the tension with a knife and finally, after arm wrestling, the match begins.
Nina throws ice cold, confident, looks to Andrea and immediately proves how solid, stable and strong she is: very hard to catch her in any hold or pin her. Furthermore, once she is on top, Andrea needs to spend mountains of energy to push her off of her.
The action takes place on the mats and is not too quick, so that you will be able to spot every single detail of their moves, and enjoy close ups of their entangled bodies. Nina acts like a boa constrictor, slowly but steadily improving her position, straddling Andrea who is struggling, her legs convulsively kicking the air, trying to prevent Nina from forcing her flat on her back for a count! Nina goes for her neck, uses her whole body to keep Andrea where she wants her, and it seems she does so with little effort, while Andrea relies on her experience, agility and quick moves to fight back. After some time, Nina starts using some dirty techniques, strangling Andrea and putting her hands on her face… Look on your screen how Andrea bends herself in incredible positions to escape from an headlock, or breast smother, and even puts an headscissor or an headlock back on Nina half a second later! You will be surprised and admired by her endless energies, making Nina very frustrated after some time.
A match which is physically dominated by the heavier and more muscular Nina, but that doesn’t mean she wins hands down, as Andrea is stubborn, experienced, with great stamina and definitely not ready to give up!
No matter who wins, this video will entertain you for its unique fighting style, and the great display of technical skills the two tremendous wrestlers will give you!

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  • Nina
  • born in: 1990
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 132lb
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