IFW90_1 – Andrea vs Alessandro

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Alessandro wants to win this 100% competitive pins only wrestling match against Andrea, and he tries his best. Their strength is comparable, and Alessandro has trained recently in order to improve his skill. The resulting match is fast paced, supercompetitive with both trying really hard to force the opponent on the back, pinning each other down and counting!
A fantastic grapevine pin marks the first point, followed by a strong answer by the other wrestler. A headlock takedown plus breast smother by Andrea makes Alessandro truly upset and… you don’t want to miss what follows: this is a mixed battle, more than a plain wrestling match – with a lot of points, lots of competitiveness and pride!
Stamina will play a role too, on top of skills and willpower, and the match is even and undecided for long time. You will hold your breath watching their bodies pressed on each other, not to mention Andrea sexily making good use of her breast to smother him during her pins!
Victory pose for the winner.

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2 years ago

[editor’s note: this is Korean and means “envy” in English… I guess Deman would love to be in Alessandro’s place]

6 years ago

I wish to be in the place of that guy, this fucking faggy have a lot of lucky.