IFW83_1 – Stella vs Sabrina

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3-2-1 and Stella is like a cobra on Sabrina, has her in a tight headlock, takes – or better throws – her down, on her knees, then on the mats and then pushes the poor Sabrina’s face in between her breasts trying to smother her.
This is Stella’s approach to the match of today, and already tastes like a great fight!
Tight headlocks and a smart use her weight to keep the other down, this is the main strategy of the heavier Stella, much more agile than we used to see her too. Sabrina’s neck is under pressure at all times and she is getting nervous being tossed around by a bossy Stella. And her scissors!
However, no, it’s not a one sided match: Sabrina is not a designated victim. She has the guts, the personality, the skills to fight back. Most of all she’s got more stamina. Reaction! and it’s a fierce fight. Someone will almost cry from pain, more than once.
The match escalates and it becomes a matter of pride, between two rival wrestlers, fighting until exhaustion, in a fair way, with mutual respect, but with the only goal of causing so much pain that it becomes unbearable. Suffer with them, until the last drop of energy!
Well deserved victory pose for the winner of the competitive match with the most submissions of the whole IFW history!

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  • Sabrina
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
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5 years ago

This match starts out with a long stretching sequence which beautifully builds the tension before we get into arm wrestling but what I was most excited to see was these two women get on the mats and when they do it’s fantastic. They fight at a high pace with great action between them but when Stella gets her thighs around Sabrina’s midsection and squeezes it seems like Sabrina has no answer as she’s forced to groan in pain several times. However soon enough Sabrina makes her own comeback through crushing scissors causing Stella to cry it in pain as well.… Read more »