IFW71_3 – Lady Scarlet vs Andrea

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Scarlet is in for a tough match today and her opponent is… Andrea! They start with a spectacular, endless armwrestling challenge, which shows immediately the meaning of the word rivalry, and how none of the girls is ready to give up.
The wrestling is totally competitive and while Scarlet is obviously taller and heavier, Andrea has years of experience giving her an advantage over the newcomer. But: 1. Scarlet is a mistress, she likes to dominate, not to be subdued. 2. Scarlet is very fit and it’s not easy to make her submit. 3. Scarlet learnt a lot from her first match with Sabrina.
The girls don’t like each other and there will be some taunting and provocation while the action grows in intensity, with Andrea experiencing some difficulties in finding the way to overpower Scarlet.
Andrea tries with her powerful scissors, headlocks, smothers, straddles, pins… Scarlet reacts using her body and muscles and puts Andrea in several tight scissor holds, having her moaning in pain, embarrassing her to Scarlet’s enjoyment!
Tension grows higher and higher, to the point that towards the end of the time, one of the wrestlers grabs a handful of the other’s hair, there is a strong reaction, insults and… you need to see it!
For sure, there will be a second chapter between the two!

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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago

Cameras seem to miss the cause of the rumpus – is that the case? I need to see what happened
Never saw Scarlet again – so I presume there was no second chapter -so was there a declared winner in this fight (without saying who it was) ?

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago
Reply to  ifw

Most laudable and to be commended.

But I’m pondering over whether to buy it! Do we see what caused it or is what you see in the preview all of what you see in the video and cameras seem to be rolling after the mats were invaded – how much more of that do we see?