IFW64_3 – Venere vs Nina

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Venere and Nina weight 60kg and this is heavyweight for the IFW league. They have strong bodies, hard to crush with plain body scissors. This is what Venere must have thought at her first attempt, not without some frustration seeing her best weapon bringing almost no effect.
Rock-steady Nina fights back and she is a master of grappling and mat-wrestling, so she tries to stay on top, get her opponent on her back and keep her pinned and under control.
Venere has finally found someone who is physically stronger than her and must play a defensive match. She gets caught in a terrific headlock and seems to be done, but she manages to break it and fights back!
The match is not very dynamic, it’s all muscles and mat-wrestling and long holds, but reading the great effort on the wrestlers’ faces and their extreme competitiveness turns this match into a great show even if different from the usual IFW-style. The girls fight to overpower each other using their pure strength, Nina taking advantage of a better technique and Venere relies on stamina and agility. Is any of the girls going to prevail, win the match and pose on a desperate loser?

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