IFW64_2 – Nina vs Lara

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Nina is a newcomer at IFW but she has a strong background in free style wrestling, as you can easily see from her style.
This match is 100% competitive: Nina mostly seeks for the pin while Lara uses her scissors to fight back. The result is an even match where both girls give their best to force a submission out of the opponent.
In the beginning Nina seems to be in control and Lara has to use all her strength and energies to resist and avoid being pinned, but then she clasps her legs around Nina’s head and neck in a spectacular reverse scissor and she seems to own her.
The fight is without a break and the two keep going at it full pace, the holds follow one another and both take turn in a dominating position… We can say this is the first match of a kind (until now at least!), a very interesting confrontation between two different ways of wrestling, between two women expressing their maximum competitiveness to subdue the opponent.
Arm wrestling in the end.

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  • Nina
  • born in: 1990
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 132lb
  • Lara
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 123lb
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