IFW52 – Stella vs Venere

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Venere is big, strong and competitive. What a hard day for Stella! This video may not be full of the finest wrestling techniques but for sure it shows the maximum commitment to win the match.
Stella relies on her longer experience but Venere doesn’t allow her the time to study her, and just attacks! Mounts, scissors, a lot of grappling… most time the ladies are fighting on the mats. When Stella reacts and comes back, a true struggle between two sexy and curvy wrestlers ensues, the black beauty mounting Venere and keeping her down using her ample breasts as an effective weapon. But, as soon as Venere is able to catch Stella in a scissor and stretches fully her endless legs… well, we do understand that she may represent a serious danger for many here at IFW!
This is a video that should not be missed: genuinely competitive, intense, undecided until the last moment… and Stella’s yellow bikini is by far too small, which definitely adds up to the show!
There is a winner, and she poses her foot planted on the loser’s chest enjoying her well deserved victory!

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  • Venere
  • born in: 1990
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
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