IFW505 – Alessia vs Giulia Ferari Test of Strength & Belly Punching

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Bodies to die for
Alessia and Giulia start with an aggressive staredown that clearly showcases Alessia’s imposing physique. After a thorough warm-up, the girls face each other in a grueling series of strength and endurance challenges, culminating in a brutal exchange of belly punches.
The match commences with an intense arm wrestling battle. The victor emerges triumphant, earning the right to inflict two sets of four punches upon their opponent. The defeated contestant, on the other hand, must endure a single set of four punches.

Strength trials
The match progresses with a series of strength tests using weights. First, the contestants must lift a medicine ball with their ankles resting on a larger ball. The loser of this challenge receives more punches to her belly.
Next, Alessia and Giulia engage in a bicep curl contest, performing curls with either arm alternately until one of them succumbs to fatigue. The victor of this challenge unleashes two sets of four punches upon their opponent’s abdomen and receives one set in return.

A red belly
The match continues with further strength tests that push both contestants to their limits. Finally, one of the competitors reaches her breaking point, unable to withstand the pain inflicted by a particularly forceful punch. This marks her defeat, and the match concludes.
The victor strikes her victory pose, asserting her dominance and answering some questions. The video ends with a lingering sense of pain and humiliation, and a red belly… testament to the intensity of their confrontation.

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  • Alessia
  • born in: 1997
  • height: 5'11''
  • weight: 158lb
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