IFW475 – Adele vs Giulia Ferrari Holds Challenge

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Bold challenge
The two statuesque opponents with muscular legs promise each other a lot of suffering, but Giulia certainly starts stronger with triumph in arm wrestling.

Steel legs
The first hold in which the strength of their legs is tested is the side body scissors.
There is a lot of dynamism throughout the match and an endless charge of energy. The desire to resist or escape from the holds to score a point equals the opponent’s desire to achieve surrender.

Lots of malice!
They follow with the triangle, the figure four head scissors, the body scissors with full nelson, and end with a deadly head scissors from behind that has unexpected developments!
The long final domination of the winner is more malicious and humiliating than usual.

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  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
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John W Hutchinson
John W Hutchinson
2 months ago

Very intense, physical match between two strong, attractive competitors putting forth their best efforts to win. Of the 9 Holds Challenge videos I’ve viewed so far, I’d rate this bout as the best, and that’s saying a lot since they all are excellent. An intense personal rivalry appears to have developed between these two ladies. Both seem ready and eager for a rematch (especially the loser), a contest I would most definitely like to see and perhaps even consider sponsoring. Perhaps it could take place under what I would refer to as Extreme Holds Challenge rules, with the time limit… Read more »