IFW46_3 – Pool Summer Party – Part 3

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Giulia vs Victoria
The fight starts with a light neck injury for Victoria, but she can continue showing the usual aggressiveness. Giulia shows a lot of determination and she will improve a lot with training.

Ambra vs Victoria
No-breaks match, mostly fought on the mats. The tension is high as none of the wrestlers want to give up and we even need the ref to step in to stop the action and avoid injuries. Neck scissor, body scissor and a fantastic “flying” neck scissor once again are the submissions. Two hot tempers, a hot match.

Andrea vs Robi
When Andrea and Robi are together on the mats, you never know what to expect but you know it’ll be great. This is a quick crescendo, after some time when the two study each other. Andrea attacks first, Robi reacts. One wins, before the judges’ vote…

Venere vs Ambra
Mismatch: Venere is much taller and much heavier than Ambra. She is also strong and proved to be in a great shape. But, 30 seconds and the small devil has Venere in a tight headscissor… this is her answer. Venere will reverse with a terrific schoolgirlpin on the poor lightweight. What follows is a fabulous match proving that size is not all!

Giulia vs Venere
Giulia has two main concerns here: stay clear of Venere’s legs, avoid being schoolgirl pinned. And she uses until the last drop of energy to do so, against the powerful opponent concentrated in gaining as many points as she can to make it to the final stage. Both do a great job and the match is intense and captivating.

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