IFW46_1 – Pool Summer Party – Part 1

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Andrea vs Giulia
Andrea’s experience and superior technical skills put Giulia – a newcomer – constantly in trouble. On top of that, she is lighter and Andrea knows how to use her weight advantage. With only 5 minutes available Andrea cannot waste a moment and tries to score as many points as she can, however Giulia proves to be a good opponent. Quick, interesting and intense.

Ambra vs Robi
Ambra and Robi are long time rivals. Put them on a mat with a limited time and the need to make the other submit and a the show is granted. Terminator Robi attacks immediately, Ambra puts all her agility and intelligence and counter attacks. 4 memorable minutes of wrestling! And don’t forget the judges’ vote…

Venere vs Victoria
Beautiful Venere is the last addition to IFW roster and this is the first time we see her in action. And wow… strong, competitive, with the right attitude. The much smaller Victoria has to use all her experience and when Venere seems to be invulnerable to her scissors, she must find another way. But careful: the bigger girl’s legs can be deadly! Possibly one of the best debuts ever.

Giulia vs Robi
Is Giulia a designated victim against Robi? Will Robi be able to get even with Andrea and her very good performance against Giulia? The tall beauty is a quick learner and seems to be able to keep Robi’s legs far from her for some time at least. Most of all she understands that waiting is not a good idea, and in the beginning Robi is somehow surprised. Interesting match!

Andrea vs Venere
Venere shows all her muscular power in the match against Andrea, she tries to block her and prevent her from applying her most dangerous holds. The breast smother – body scissor combo Andrea performs half time into the match is a masterpiece. But, this is just the beginning and what happens afterwards will leave you open-mouthed! All in 4 minutes! Literally unbelievable!

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