IFW44_7 – Nadia vs Angelica Catfight

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There is an extra bonus offered by a generous sponsor which is waiting for the winner of this catfight, making the fight even more interesting. Everybody knows Nadia is very strong, however after a whole week of fights she is physically tired and Angelica will try to turn this into an advantage for her.
The dark haired beauties enter the room in their heels and bikinis and after a quick exchange of kind words, they sexily remove their shoes and earrings, move to the centre of the mats and the catfight begins!
The action is quite wild, mainly because Angelica likes to provoke Nadia and often puts her hands on the other’s face (which is not very much appreciated) and around her neck, in what looks like an attempt to strangle her. Nadia appears to be less active and full of energy than usual due to the tour de force of the past days but she reacts to all the provocations and puts on a strenuous resistance.
Scissors, breast and even hand over mouth smothers, a lot of hairpulling and some bites complete the picture of a spectacular match, which is decided by a long, sexy and humiliating facesit smother after which the loser even refuses to be posed on by the winner!

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  • Angelica
  • born in: 1984
  • height: 5'8''
  • weight: 114lb
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6 years ago

One of my fav hairpulling catfights of all time. The build up, the ladies, the fight. This is a masterpiece