IFW44_5 – Nadia vs Andrea Catfight

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After what had happened during Nadia’s match vs Robi, everybody was waiting for this catfight like “the match of the year”. Especially Andrea, who had promised to “squeeze that b***h in the tightest scissor ever until she gives up, and then some”.
The match begins and Andrea has Nadia flat on her back, her legs looking for the Russian’s neck… but Nadia grabs her hair and almost flips her onto her own back! This is not going to be an easy match.
A long breast smother by Andrea is again followed by a terrific head scissor by Nadia. The match is pauseless, both girls just want to hear the other say “stop” and will do whatever it takes.
Scissors, mounts, schoolgirl pins and lots of hairpulling… Half time into the match Nadia seems to be spending more time on top, and Andrea suffering in her scissors too often. But there’s still plenty of time left for this great show to continue, until a final winner emerges offering us an incredible facesitting pin and head scissor to finish her opponent off.
A victory pose cannot be avoided by the loser of a match that will leave you speachless.

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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

1. Very good catfight, first off 2. Amazed by Nadia’s efforts – she’s a pole dancer with no wrestling experience and this is something like her 3rd or 4th fight in 2 days?; Andrea’s a veteran IFW maestro. Should have been a mismatch and one-sided contest. Can’t believe how tough this fight was – Andrea on the defensive for so much of it and in trouble often. Had Nadia been at IFW 2-3 years she’d probably be the Queen. I’d be really tempted to ask Andrea why she made such heavy weather of it but for fear of waking up… Read more »

5 years ago

Andrea show that girl who’s the boss between you two bitches