IFW433 – Xena vs Chiara with Chokes

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Xena goes all-in
Xena knows no half-measures. She is simply giving all she has regardless of the opponent. Her approach to this match against the much smaller Chiara is no exception and the way she immediately attacks Chiara with a guillotine choke says it all.

It’s a hard day
Chiara is cautious and tries to find a way to deal with her opponent’s aggression and impetus. When Xena has her in a tight headlock, her back on the mats and all her weight on her, there’s not much she can do and must tap.
The match continues with Xena mercilessly seeking a clear victory, and Chiara defending herself and trying to find an opening in the other’s guard to fight back.

Emotions and bravery
A 10kg weight difference is a lot, but Chiara fights like a tigress and traps Xena in a body scissors followed by a chokehold. This is “strength against heart” resulting in a super emotional match with some difficult moments.
No matter the score, kudos to Chiara for squaring off with Xena with no fear and for giving us such an entertaining and intense match!

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  • Xena
  • born in: 1988
  • height: 5'8''
  • weight: 130lb
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  • born in: 1998
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 110lb
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1 year ago

This Xena has an spirit of fighting missed in some

1 year ago

A fight that I really liked! My favorite with Xena. I appreciated the total commitment, the movement, the strength, the fact that there was no downtime, although you have to admit that Chiara was much smaller.