IFW427 – Xena vs Adele Holds Challenge

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00:23:50 h:min:sec


Arm wrestling
The arm wrestling contest between the two powerhouses almost capsizes the table, giving you the idea of the strength in both girls’ arms.
But let’s switch to the legs!

Strong legs’ holds
First comes the figure four head scissors. 90 seconds to make the opponent submit, resist in the hold or even escape. The two fighters apply the holds with all their strength and apparently enjoy inflicting pain on each other, with an evil grin.
Body scissors and full nelson, side head scissors, triangles follow with the same level of aggression.

Domination round
After the last hold – a frontal head scissor – the winner celebrates with a humiliating punishment round, laughing in the loser’s face with great satisfaction.

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  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Xena
  • born in: 1988
  • height: 5'8''
  • weight: 130lb
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1 year ago

A very nice challenge, between two girls whose profile is quite similar. The suspense is very present in the fight, until the moment when one of the participants ends up taking the upper hand over the other. I really liked the triangle, which one of the fighters seems to have mastered perfectly. This sequence alone is worth buying the video! I also really liked the final scene, in which the winner again shows off her mastery of the hold she adores.