IFW42 – Andrea vs Robi “All round challenge”

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Time has come for another match between Robi, the undisputed queen of IFW in 2014 after IFW26 and Andrea, still the only girl at IFW who proved a serious challenge for Robi (waiting for another Giorgia vs Robi after the crazy catfight IFW32_3, of course…).
Andrea has recently destroyed Stella in a double challenge (the utmost humiliating IFW39_1, competitive match with final “foot domination” match and the catfight that followed, IFW39_2), so she qualifies again for another title match against Robi.
After the terrible beating and final facesitting humiliation that Andrea took in IFW26, she asked for a “more complete” confrontation, and here it is: this time it’s going to be a fully competitive “all round challenge”, featuring a pins only endurance match, a series of tests of strength and submission wrestling. Pins only: the girls answer a few questions (3 minutes) while sitting at the make up table, and you get to see them in the process of getting ready for the fight… then they strip off their clothes, warm up a bit and the match begins. Needless to say, the two of them look sexiest than ever, in great shape and eager to fight! They can’t scissor the other one into submission, so take downs and headlocks are the best weapons to force the opponent back to the mat for the count. Of course there is a lot of close body contact here, breast to breast especially and breast to face as well (ask Robi about Andrea’s tits…). Not easy to get the upper hand, however as there is no time limit and the only chance to rest is a 30 seconds break to drink each time the match is stopped for any reason: stamina will play a role into the match. Mounts, straddles, full body and cross body pins… the time flows on and Robi shows a better agility and a great skill in using all her body in blocking Andrea to the mat, while the latter has greater pure strength and knows how to use her upper body (and breast) in a more effective way. The wrestlers start to become more and more tired, the tension grows high as neither of the two is ready to concede the match. This is maybe the most physical confrontation between these two amazing girls, but not only that, because pinning the other down back to the mat and helpless means a lot psychologically, as it is a clear sign of domination and superiority.
After 35 minutes of wrestling, they are really dead tired and a small change in the rules becomes necessary to make it easier to score, and it becomes a “sudden death” match. There will be a winner anyway, and a light knee injury as well. The girls are left with their hands and arms shaking for over 40 minutes of uninterrupted wrestling. Just another masterpiece from these two incredible stars of the female wrestling scene.
What follows is a first time ever “School girl pin & Facesit challenge” at IFW, where one girl starts in a school girl pin over the other, and has 2 minutes to count her as many times as she can while the opponent is trying to bridge out and stop the count. Then they swap positions.
Andrea is heavier and uses that weight, but Robi has unbelievable muscles. One girl is accused to count too quickly… as usual maximum competitiveness in a sexy and hard physical challenge.
Then they swap position again for a “Facesit challenge” with the same rules… they are already tired with their back aching and end up spending long seconds under the other’s ass. Also breathing becomes difficult as they try to smother the other under their asses to break her resistance! No comments are necessary, you can imagine what this feels like.
Then the whole sequence is repeated immediately from the beginning, no time to rest for the girls. And then again… They are wasted at the end, arms, backs, legs… each muscle is aching. The next trial is something for which I don’t have a name, sort of “arms tripping” contest, so that’s going to be a surprise for you! A wall squatting contest will follow, and after this 23 minutes strength tests, the gran finale has yet to come!
And after changing into new swimsuits, here we are again for a 100% competitive submission wrestling challenge between the two! Andrea is extremely effective in the beginning and has Robi grounded in a headlock breast smother combination which seems inescapable. In no time we are already into a fantastic match! Robi seems to feel more than Andrea the past challenges of the day and Andrea has her in a grapevine and bodyscissors sequence, getting the upper hand in what looks like a one sided match – first time ever we see Robi like this! And it’s only 3 minutes into the match, can you imagine the remaining 15? Robi is not the one who likes to be ragdolled and of course she will eventually fight back, but I’ll leave what follows for your pure enjoyment. There is a winner, there is a foot-on-neck victory pose.
Do yourself a favour, go on and get this one hour and a half “All Round Challenge” right now: it’s going to be an instant classic of the best female wrestling, a block buster and another outstanding chapter of the Robi vs Andrea’s endless contest!

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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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5 years ago

robi vs anbrea is always very beautiful and exciting. one girl was obviously supeior in test of strength part. but the fight itself was very balanced as usual. want to see boxing fight next time

6 years ago


6 years ago