IFW415 – Andrea vs Beatrice with Chokes

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00:26:42 h:min:sec


Notable differences
Beatrice is heavier by about ten kilograms and taller by about ten centimeters: during the staredown, this difference is almost embarrassing. Despite her remarkable technical skill, it won’t be an easy task for Andrea from a physical commitment point of view.

Strength vs technique
Beatrice starts strong, takes down Andrea, and locks her in a headlock, but the reaction is immediate with a splendid figure four on the neck, and we are immediately in the heart of the match.
Andrea’s style is all about agility, speed, and technique, while Beatrice’s is based on strength and aggression.

Spectacular encounter!
Although Andrea manages to counter her opponent, the resistance she encounters is remarkable, and she seems unable to force her to submit. At the same time, she must be on guard to avoid being physically overpowered.
A truly intense and engaging match, leaving us breathless and pushing both wrestlers to the limits of their abilities.
The winner can be proud of her performance and you can add another fantastic video to your collection!

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  • Beatrice
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'9''
  • weight: 132lb
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11 months ago

Need to win Supergirl Beatrice