IFW4 – Andrea vs Robi “Trimatch”

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Just two ingredients, but of the highest possible quality: Robi and Andrea. Place them facing each other on a square mat instead of in a pot, to decide who’s the better
fighter. Cook over a high flame, for a long time… till everything is set to fire, and great flames is what you get! They will take care of the spicy side.

It is not MasterChef, it’s IFW which today deals with marathon. This is the only possible definition for such a long and tremendous match Asking either of them to surrender is
like thinking to stop a bullet train with a blow.

Today we start from the very beginning: make up session and arm wrestling to warm up the hot spirited wrestlers.

The second challenge is all about beauty and charm: they strip staring darkly into each other’s eyes. Robi sports a gorgeous bikini which – on her – worths the price alone.
Andrea is total black with naked back. The latter starts with a devastating scissor hold and Robi is forced on the defending side and ends up squeezed for long minutes… to
complete the job Andrea tries to catch Robi’s neck between her strong legs but doing so she even risks to be counted. Well, rhythm is high since the beginning and Robi’s boobs
try to show themselves to the camera and force Robi to wear an additional top: the punishment for this pitiful idea is to reset time to zero and we all get some more minutes of

It is now vendetta and headlocks time for Robi as she doesn’t really like to come under. Fight goes on back and forth in a great balance until the moment when one of the two
scores a fantastic neckscissor which seems to win her a submission… but not! That will happen often, good for the show. It’s a pauseless match… even Andrea’s panties decide
to take flight, but again they get caught last second!

Bodyscissors, headlocks, pins in every imaginable position. Andrea even shows us a hold with her feet and ankles clamped around Robi’s head: she goes any lenght!

When time is up, no one wants to stop the fight: girls first, just ignoring the bell, and we too – more than happy to let them go on in this endless challenge.

Now Andrea decides that it’s time to assault Robi’s head: she locks her anaconda-like and presses her arms around her head, Robi suffers this hold a lot… and again Andrea
goes for a number of head scissors! And Robi not only goes through all and resists, she even fights back! She body presses Andrea and nails her wrists to the mat, Andrea looks
toasted but springs back each and every time Robi counts to 3!

One of our camera’s batteries can’t stand the great effort, and gives up much earlier than our tireless wrestlers.

The final part of the match has Andrea dominating the spent Robi: she straddles her, counts her repeatedly and scores a perfect, very high schoolgirl pin, putting all her
weight on Robi’s neck almost facesitting her. The next series of holds by Andrea is deadly and in the end Robi is forced to accept the humiliating defeat …Or not?


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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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