IFW393 – Luna vs Sabrina

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Luna is back
Here’s the much anticipated Luna’s return to IFW. She looks incredibly elegant and has the same ice-cold look in her eyes of the old times. Her opponent in Luna’s second debut is Sabrina and the rules are pin and submission.

After a long staredown loaded with tension, the match begins.
Sabrina is thicker and her goal is to take down, headlock, squeeze, and annihilate her lighter opponent without letting her go, like a snake with her prey.
Luna uses her agility and legs to react and tries to catch Sabrina by surprise with sudden moves.

Luna’s reaction
After a nervous beginning, Luna recovers, finds a better balance and gives Sabrina a run for her money in an even and technical match.
Well, if this is Luna after a couple of years of hiatus we can surely expect her to shortly become serious competition for the top wrestlers!

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1 year ago

Very happy about Luna”s returning. Hope to see competitive fights of her

1 year ago

Just want to give a quick shoutout & say I’m loving the new logo, that’s all!