IFW385 – Ambra vs Andrea Test of Strength

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Ambra and Andrea add a new chapter to their endless rivalry with a series of tests of strength to decide who has stronger arms. The initial flexing staredown is the perfect introduction to the match.

Strength and endurance
A 2,5kg weight in each hand, both arms stretched out and the first who lowers her arm loses the challenge. This is called “Masskrugstemmen” (stein-holding) in German Bavaria, where the girls hold a stein with one litre of beer.
The push-up contest follows, and then an endurance test holding a dumbbell of 7,5 kg in each hand. The “bicep curls” with 7.5 kg dumbbells end the contest.

Arm wrestling challenge
To decide the winner they must get to 10 points and a 7 minutes long arm wrestling contest is necessary. Seated at the table, standing and laying on the mats… It’s a super-even competition.
The winner celebrates by flexing in front of her defeated opponent who refuses to admit her defeat!

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
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7 months ago

Very sad that you dont see the Flexing Power of The Goddess of Wrestling Andrea. A Mistake in the Camera position, but all in all Good Video!

Timothy Gauss
Timothy Gauss
8 months ago

Who won the arm-wrestling match between these two?

1 year ago

When I said that Ambra vs Emma was the best strength contest ever, I hadn’t seen this one yet. This is simply amazing and an incredible feat by two of the best women of IFW!