IFW367 – Chiara vs Monica with Chokes

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Great intensity
Chiara and Monica face off in a 15 minutes pin and submission wrestling match, with chokeholds. This is possibly one of the most intense matches ever for the tenacity and competition between the two fighters.
Just look at Chiara’s eyes: they speak concentration, determination and aggression.

The impressive strength of will
Chiara’s technical skills are better than last time, however, Monica’s attitude and strength of will are unmatched, she is one of a kind!
The match sees Chiara constantly putting pressure on her opponent, trying to secure her best headlocks and rear naked chokes, using a lot of muscles too.
On the other side, Monica uses her agility to break free and her scissors to fight back.

Exhausted but happy
It takes an incredible effort for one wrestler to subdue the opponent, and this is something you feel very clearly throughout the match.
This video deserves a good headset and a high volume: the number of moans, screams and cursing give you a good idea of how hard both wrestlers fight and how committed they are!
After the victory pose, Chiara and Monica are exhausted and soaked with sweat during the final interviews.

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  • Chiara
  • born in: 1998
  • height: 5'2''
  • weight: 110lb
  • Monica
  • born in: 1977
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 114lb
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1 year ago

Monica looks very attractive with some slight skin color. I would like to see her vs this newbie Emma. Yeah, it might be too soon for Emma, but I think it would be a very interesting match especially with chokes added. As an aside I cannot figure how the IFW women can stay so pale.