IFW365 – Adele vs Michela with Chokes

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Even match up
Adele is taller and heavier, Michela is… Michela! Her aggression and determination are a trademark and the moment the match begins she immediately attacks her opponent with a long and tight choke hold.
Adele knows what to expect and she is not taken by surprise.

Adele getting stronger
The match has sudden changes of pace, one of these leads to a beautiful head scissor which is reversed into a painful body scissor. Even and hard-fought battle, plenty of beautiful leg holds and chokes.
Adele’s BJJ training is improving her skills slowly but steadily, she is now a real danger to every girl on the roster!

Undecided until the end
Back to the match: after the first, unexpected submission you see an immediate reaction and from now on anything can happen. The remaining five minutes are a war!
The winner of one of the most even and competitive matches in a long time can finally celebrate a well-deserved victory with a dominant victory pose.
A rematch is all we need.

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  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Michela
  • born in: 1992
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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9 months ago

Michela looks great with a little color to her well-toned body. I think as time goes on, she is stronger than ever. My suggestion would be with the IFW women that have some skin color to wear something that is pale yellow.

9 months ago
Reply to  Rickie

Please, catfight rematch between these two.

1 year ago

Matches that feature Adele are like rollercoaster rides, please try to give us less heart attacks Adele!