IFW363 – Olivia vs Adele Holds Challenge

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Olivia’s first match!
Please welcome Olivia at her first competitive challenge on IFW!
She has the same height and weight of Adele and the initial arm wrestling shows that they are equally strong in their arms.
Well, let’s test the rookie’s legs then!

Scissors galore
You know the rules: 90 seconds, one point for making the opponent submit on one side, for escaping or resisting until the end with no submission on the other side.
The reverse head scissor is the first hold, then the grapevine pin with plenty of breast smothering.

Winner’s punishment round
The body scissor – full nelson combination, the side head scissor and the figure four head scissor decide the winner, who thoroughly enjoys her well deserved punishment round inflicting some extra pain and humiliation.

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  • Olivia
  • born in: 1998
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
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1 year ago

Welcome To IFW Olivia

1 year ago

This definitely is such a great Holds Challenge between Olivia & Adele & not to mention Olivia & Adele have such amazing bodies & they look absolutely beautiful in those sexy bra & panties & I absolutely love Olivia’s Breastsmother Combined with the leg grapevine pin on Adele!