IFW36 – Andrea vs Angelica Catfight

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The two stunning beauties meet at the training room and after some stretching Angelica issues a challenge to Andrea: “you can’t beat me!”. Andrea goes even further “I can even without my deadly scissors!” – and the match starts.
Andrea has two opponents: Angelica and her own top which is way too small and loose… that, together with the headlocks plus breast smothers that she uses to wear Angelica down make for a great show. Andrea turns into a breast-smother machine for the happiness of her fans. Angelica suffers a lot under there. The rhythm is not fast in the beginning, the action takes place on the mats, with close body to body contact and sexy action.
When Angelica gets Andrea in a beautiful neck scissors, things change and Andrea becomes much more aggressive… her grapevine plus breast smother combos are deadly! Andrea is the smother queen in action, she even makes fun of Angelica who is left speechless and breathless. Half time into the match Angelica is pissed off and starts pulling hair seeking revenge in a wild catfight! Smart move, as Andrea suffers hairpulling a lot, maybe Angelica now stands a chance to win the fight! Well the following 20 minutes will tell you!
The winner poses over the loser, straddles her and teases her hand smothering her helpless victim for some minutes before leaving.

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  • Angelica
  • born in: 1984
  • height: 5'8''
  • weight: 114lb
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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
2 years ago

Very nice little video this is. Just watched it again. It proves that very good-humoured fights when the combatants are laughig with each other can also be very watchable and entertaining. It didn’t curb their determination nor stop them trying their hardest and some brilliant leg holds by the winner at the end. Nor did it stop a delectable humiliation session – which stayed friendly. I suspect these two liked each other a lot. It added a good extra dimension to the whole contest. I used to think fights were more entertaining when the combatants are both snarling at each… Read more »