IFW341 – Adele vs Paolo

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Mixed wrestling for Adele
Adele steps into the mixed wrestling world after many mixed wrestling sessions and she does so with Paolo. They share approximately the same height while Paolo is heavier than Adele, but he is less trained and skilled.
It’s also interesting to see how he will approach this match after the disaster against Chiara in IFW333.

Another bad day for Paolo
It’s a competitive pin and submission match, and after a pretty intense staredown, the fight begins!
Adele is immediately aggressive and has him in a chicken wing plus bodyscissor combo, but Paolo breaks the hold. Adele exploits her long legs and height to take him down, puts him in a grapevine pin and counts him!
Front and reverse scissors to the head and body, triangles, pins… Adele is clearly leading the game making good use of her legs, skills and weight, and it looks like another bad day for our Paolo.

Adele deserves more than this!
Adele’s technique has improved greatly and a tall, skilled girl is a hard opponent for someone like Paolo, who should also improve his stamina.
For sure she enjoyed the match, showed us some great moves with a smile on her face and proved to be ready for someone who can make her sweat more than Paolo!

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  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
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1 year ago

*SPOILER ALERT* This was an incredible match that showcased Adele’s giant leap in skill and ability, there is no doubt she’s been training behind the scenes by drilling the different disciplines (freestyle wrestling, takedown, grappling, jiu jitsu). From the beginning of the introduction where they faced off in a staredown, you could tell Adele’s confidence was through the roof and was absolutely not intimidated by Paolo as she even got very close and stood tall to really look in his eyes. The match started and Adele was very composed on the feet, waiting to feel Paolo out and see what… Read more »

ryan willis
ryan willis
1 year ago

A great mixed match showcasing the technique and strength of Adele. Paolo just seemed to not know what to do most of the time while Adele was wrapping him up with some pretty cool takedowns. Recommend!

1 year ago

Adele is crazy ! Please, let her do more mixed matches ! She is really beautiful and elegant while being incredibly charming,charismatic and also a bit sensual, which is awesome ! The way she shows how much fun she has with her body language really makes her something special. Although I do like Paolo I really would be really curious and excited to see her face a more skilled opponent who can push her more. She can eat men like it is nothing … too much fempower !

1 year ago

I absolutely love love Adele’s Chicken Wing Plus Bodyscissor Combo,& A Grapevine Pin,& A Front & Reverse Headscissor On Paolo!