IFW320 – Andrea vs Adele Face Slaps

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The peculiarities of face slaps
A face slaps contest is a pretty unique kind of challenge. Like in the belly punching contests, the girls can’t do anything to defend themselves and must learn to take the hit, and live with it.
This feeling of “helplessness” put the wrestlers in an unusual situation during a slapping contest, not to mention that being slapped hard in the face is also extremely painful.

Hands in motion
Adele and Andrea start with arm wrestling in order to decide who slaps first.
The slaps are immediately hard and make a cracking sound like a whip hitting the delicate skin of the girls’ faces.
In the beginning, both are confident and look straight into each other’s eyes and the rhythm, the strength will grow throughout this endless match.

Interesting interviews
The exchange goes on for over 20 minutes with short breaks of a few seconds between the slaps and some incredible and spectacular sequences of slaps at a very high frequency. After what it feels like forever, one of the girls simply can’t take more slaps and surrenders.
The long final interviews provide the girls’ point of view on the match, their feelings and how it compares to other face slapping contests.

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  • Adele
  • born in: 1994
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
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2 years ago

Absolutely incredible. There may not be a better slapping contest video out there that’s been produced. The girls’ pain tolerance and desire to beat each other into submission is simply amazing to behold. There are in total almost 300 SLAPS exchanged in this ferocious, legendary match. Props to everyone.

2 years ago

I like this kind of face slapping videos.