IFW29_1 – Stella vs Angelica

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A match of contrasts: Stella in her aggressive yellow always-too-small bikini and Angelica in a sober pink and black sport bikini.
Stella’s physical power and her impressive strength against Angelica’s agility and great will to do an extraordinary debut, eager to conquer her fans.
The matchup is promising and Stella starts like if she wanted to destroy Angelica once for all! The beginner raises her defensive wall and finds herself thrown to the mats and scissored… under attack! but if you are thinking of a one sided match, just give Angelica the time to pull herself together and it’s reaction time and suddenly it’s Stella suffering caught in her scissors and pins!
If Stella’s muscles are always ready to overpower Angelica, she has surprising stamina and her effectiveness in escaping the holds grows as Stella gets more and more tired. The match has unexpected intensity and it’s a really good, pause-less fight until the end. Angelica proves to be an extremely interesting and promising new face at IFW! And her smile…
Long and even armwrestling in end.


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  • Angelica
  • born in: 1984
  • height: 5'8''
  • weight: 114lb
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Rohan nishar
Rohan nishar
4 years ago

A must watch good fight between the 2 young ladies. One is white and the other is black. Good interracial catfight. Who won at the end and how ?