IFW279 – Anita & Michela vs Alice & Robi Holds Challenge

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Tag team holds challenge
Anita and Alice are the newcomers who go against each other in this tag-team holds challenge, with Michela and Robi as their teammates.
The girls form two couples and apply the holds under the usual rules: 1 point for making the opponent tap within 90 seconds, 1 point for resisting, 2 points for escaping the hold. They will swap positions for another 90 second round.

Newcomers and veterans
Let’s first see the two rookies arm wrestle in front of their teammates, and then start the contest with a reverse head scissor. It is interesting to see the two couples fight at the same time, with the winner allowed to choose her opponent for her next hold.
Body scissor and full nelson will follow, this time with the two newcomers put to test by the veterans. Side head-scissor, figure four and frontal head-scissor complete the series of holds.

Winners celebrate
The match is pretty intense with Alice’s moans, groans and screams in the background. Finally, you’ll see the winning couple performing a double lotus hold on the sore losers to celebrate their win!
Let us know what you think of this unusual format with two contests happening in parallel.

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