IFW274 – Ambra vs Sabrina Catfight with slaps and chokes

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Catfight, slaps, chokes
Sabrina faces Ambra in an outdoor catfight, with hairpulling, slaps, chokeholds and punches to the body allowed. The initial interviews will give you an idea of what the girls expect from the match and after changing and some stretching they are both ready to fight (actual fighting time will be 18 minutes).

Strength vs technique
The match begins with Ambra tripping Sabrina and taking her down. She immediately goes for her hair and tries to straddle her in a dominant position. It doesn’t last long, and Sabrina turns the tables and starts slapping Ambra’s face!
The match goes on, very even and hard-fought with Ambra going for a choke on Sabrina, who as is known, hates that technique.
Sabrina relies mostly on her strength trying to crush Ambra’s resistance (and her body too!), who fights back in turn with quick moves and great technical skills.
At one point, Sabrina manages to sit on her opponent’s head, almost strangling her between calf and thigh… and slapping her face! Is this the end for Ambra?

Tears and pain
No way… there’s still plenty of time for breast smothers, scissors, headlocks, chokes, bodies entangled in intense action on the mats. The third submission is spectacular and unusual at the same time, and you’ll see one of the girls in tears for the pain after the tap-out.
The next submission will be the final one: the victim has no energy left, and also is not helped by some kind of allergic reaction to the pollen.
Having seen such great action, a rematch indoors is a must!

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
  • Sabrina
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
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Johnson Emanuel
Johnson Emanuel
2 years ago

Good match…i thing sabrina stronger than ambra

2 years ago

Let see what is said by the people….
By the way they both deserve been sponsored