IFW220 – Lucrezia vs Sabrina Holds Challenge

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Resisting and escaping
This is the first “holds challenge”, fully competitive and 100% real, where the girls alternatively apply the same hold to each other for 90 seconds and gain points according to the following rules:
– The fighter who is applying the hold makes 1 point if she obtains a submission (2 points if that happens in less than 15 seconds).
– The fighter who is enduring the hold makes 2 points if she escapes the hold, or 1 point if she doesn’t submit until the end.

Five holds to test!
They first start with arm wrestling to decide who chooses the first hold, and it’s the rear-naked choke, which is really hard to withstand.
Next comes the reverse head-scissor, and it’s an interesting confrontation as both girls have strong legs!
Then it’s time for the breast smother combined with a grapevine pin, the spectacular figure four head-scissor, and the body scissor with full nelson where they really go hard on each other’s neck as well.
Reactions and the recovery time between the holds are recorded, so that you live the whole experience with the girls.

Humiliating victory pose
The standing head scissor chosen as a victory pose closes the confrontation with the loser kneeling, her head between the winner’s thighs, suffering in the last hold.
If you have a good match-up and a list of holds in mind, let us know!

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  • Lucrezia
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 121lb
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  • born in: 1996
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Emma Garcie
Emma Garcie
2 years ago

While doing full nelson, put your opponents on her knees and then swing your opponent left and right..

3 years ago

Both ladies put up a great effort, would definitely like to see 2 ladies with similar experience attemp the challenge.

3 years ago

Great video ! Sabrina is awesome on the full nelson/bodyscissor combo.

3 years ago

What a wonderful determination in Lucrezia’s eyes trying to obtain a submission!