IFW218 – Luna vs Venere

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An endless arm wrestling
If the arm wrestling challenge that opens the video is indicative, today we have an intense match, balanced and in which no one ever wants to give up. In fact, from the first moments of the fight you will immediately understand that both contenders have great determination, will to win and aggression.

Fighters on opposite sides
The two protagonists are very different: the physical strength and the experience of Venere put Luna in difficulty: nine kilos of difference cannot be ignored and often they make Luna fly through the room. But she fights back by exploiting her incredible agility, speed and endurance.
Venere tries to subdue Luna with her physicality: she straddles her, blocks her to the mats, crushes her. Or holds her in terrifying, painful headlocks. If neither works, Venere can only try to take Luna in her scissors and squeeze her between her muscular legs.

The match of differences
In all this, Luna scrambles, reacts, counters! A very interesting match that the two girls also analyze during interviews highlighting their point of view. A match in which the differences are highlighted and exploited by each to their advantage with intelligence and timing!
The winner enjoys the final victory pose with evident satisfaction.

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  • Luna
  • born in: 1999
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 110lb
  • Venere
  • born in: 1990
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 132lb
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3 years ago

next match Luna with Andrea

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
3 years ago
Reply to  ifw

and very nice it is too! As long as Nethmi does not insist on tight, even contests!