IFW190 – Luna vs Andrea

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Andrea’s welcome to Luna
Here’s a very interesting matchup, showing a rising star like Luna facing the ultimate veteran Andrea some time ago, right after BX005 took place. And this is the main reason for Luna beeing so nervous and willing to gain her confidence back after what happened during their previous match.
This video also celebrates two opposite beauties, two fighting styles, two different approaches to the sport: Luna’s strict discipline that already starts to show, against the light-hearted, diva-like attitude of Andrea.

Experience matters
The first thing that Luna must taste is Andrea’s infamous triangle, and shortly after, her boobs pressed into her face followed by a body scissor. Not a great start for the blond wrestler.
Andrea’s experience, her signature moves, the strength in her legs seem to be too much for Luna today: headscissors, triangles, pins, and Andrea seems to be in control over a bewildered Luna.

Luna tries hard
Andrea is confident and loves to take advantage of her experience to anticipate Luna’s moves and trap her the way she likes most, that’s why this match features a whole lot of fantastic techniques and moves. Also, you’ll see during the second half that Luna recovers while Andrea slows down a little, and the match becomes more balanced: Luna tries her best to give her super skilled opponent some more trouble. The result is a very enjoyable match with countless highlights, totally worth the download.
Sink in your favorite armchair and enjoy the show!

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  • Luna
  • born in: 1999
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 110lb
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Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago

Another Golden Treat for Andrea fans. This is a domination display. The write-up reveals who is far superior and so it’s not out of place to say this is another one of Andrea’s awesome Masterclasses to add to a fine collection including ones she’s given to top fighters like Bianca and Lara (IFW 143 and 161) and those given to the guys, especially poor Paolo in 168_2 In fact this delicious “session” is very similar to 168_2 just that Luna takes the place of Paolo. It’s an Exhibition display by IFW’s greatest and most marketable asset. Luna is clearly blown… Read more »