IFW208 – Aura vs Mauro

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Aura’s first mixed match
Aura’s opponent is Mauro, at his first appearance on IFW mats: he is a lot taller and heavier than her.
She is immediately aggressive and aims to his neck, putting several tight headlocks on him, something that Mauro doesn’t like at all. Aura’s scissors are also well positioned on his midsection, but are her legs strong enough to make him tap?

Strength confrontation
After a difficult start, you will see Mauro fighting back with his own strength, using his weight to pin Aura down in a good grapevine, scissoring her or else.
Being much smaller, it’s not easy for Aura; nevertheless, she fights like a lioness to break his holds.

The technique is not missing
As time passes, the match becomes even harder, with spectacular submissions gained by both contenders, with beautifully applied holds.
If a very competitive mixed match is what you are looking for, Aura vs Mauro won’t disappoint you, from the beginning to the final victory pose!

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  • Aura
  • born in: 1997
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 110lb
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1 year ago

Aura with her 24yr sure one of my favorite IFW fighters here , I hope I will be ones meet her for a mixed wrestling match soon in Italy.

3 years ago

I just bought this video, which is pretty great. I really advise buying it if you like true competitive mixed wrestling! (spoilers) An amazing performance by both wrestlers, Mauro dominating the score but often struggling against Aura’s attacks. This time, his strength and savviness managed to get him ahead, but Aura was asbolutely incredible. Strong, stubborn, aggressive… had he weighted a few kgs less, I think the result would have been different. I hope to see her again in the future!

Valkyrie Fan
Valkyrie Fan
4 years ago

This match up is fascinating as it seems to have been set up to guarantee a male victory. The lovely IFW girls have been very successful in their matches against the men and some of their victories have been overwhelming, By pitting a fresh man with a weight advantage of over 25 kgs against a tiny young lady it would appear that all the advantages are with the men. This is expecially true considering that Aura has a losing record (never having won a match at this point) and is giving away half her body weight. Points are scored on… Read more »