IFW199 – Robi vs Mauro

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Weight mismatch
Saying that Mauro weighs 50% more than Robi would not be fair without mentioning that Robi has much better technical skills and training. Her tight headlocks and terrific neck scissors will make his face turn red.
When Robi grapevines him and goes for the pin, he can’t manage to lift his shoulders and you’ll her Robi counting him.

Robi must work hard
Basically, she showcases her holds, looking great in that black top, with Mauro trying to fight back how he can. She has a lot of work to do due to the weight difference, and it takes a great effort to secure each hold. That makes the match enjoyable and interesting to watch.

Spicing up the match
Last but not least, whenever Robi decides to smother Mauro while pinning him or during a headlock, that makes the whole thing even more enjoyable.
Victory pose and interviews in the end.

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  • Robi
  • born in: 1993
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 112lb
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3 years ago

With all the girls beating Mauro, is Ambra next in line?

4 years ago

Robi … basta la parola

4 years ago

first of all, it’s nice to see Robi do some mixed wrestling very sexy I wish I can wrestle her maybe, can I?

second of all my prayers to Italy and Italian people I hope you overcome this crisis an get back resuming even better lives. stay safe guys!