IFW193 – Ambra vs Luna

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Beauty and technique
Luna is the rising star of IFW in both wrestling and boxing: despite her small frame, she is currently the most committed and hard-working of the roster, and the results are showing.
Ambra is the same little pest she used to be before the long break, with her incredible agility and technique, together with a feisty personality that makes her loved by many.

Spectacular holds
After the warm-up and some arm wrestling, the match begins. You’ll see how Luna’s long legs are a serious threaten for Ambra, who answers back with her acrobatic moves, especially neck scissors and triangles that have Luna in trouble more than once.
The match is very competitive and in the beginning, it is an even fight with a lot of hard ground game, with the girls taking turns putting a headlock, a scissor but also triangles, figure fours and pins. And then tables are turned, fore more fighting!

What’s coming next?
Slowly, the wind changes and in the end, there is a clear winner, and the interview after the final victory pose reveals that this was just the beginning! Stay tuned for more!

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  • Ambra
  • born in: 1996
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 104lb
  • Luna
  • born in: 1999
  • height: 5'6''
  • weight: 110lb
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4 years ago

Very interesting

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago
Reply to  Nethmi


It’s a very interesting pairing which is why it’s near the top of my shopping list – Luna is bigger and heavier but Ambra much more experienced.

But as usual the person who makes this pairing so interesting is not one of the contestants – and that is Andrea:-

Andrea always beats Ambra in IFWs, often comprehensively
Andrea annihilated Luna recently in IFW 190

So how do they match up to each other? This for me is why Andrea is so important – she’s the Benchmark for the entire roster.

Andrea-Ambra Fan
Andrea-Ambra Fan
4 years ago
Reply to  Andrea-Ambra Fan


Good contest if a bit one-sided as one didn’t seem physically ready. Not too surprised at the result. For €23 it’s worth it as both ladies are always lovely.

What I was surprised by was that Luna was wearing exactly the same undies that Pretty Little Valeria (who came and went) was wearing in SFD 366
And who was Valeria up against in that SFD episode?…

Why, Luna!

I guess Valeria left them behind and Luna chose not to mail them on !!