IFW191_1 – SUMMER PARTY 2019 – PART 3

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Robi vs Andrea (big, 4 minutes)
Back to the origins, with the super classic of IFW since 6 years now. Robi has Andrea trapped in a sequence of scissors and she taps! What happens next is all to be discovered… Andrea’s knee injury is limiting her and she must find a way to make it even. Will she?

Aura vs Valeria (rookies)
This match cannot take place because of Valeria’s pain in the ribs.

Sabrina vs Marica (big, 4 minutes)
3-2-1 and Sabrina has Marica in a headlock and breast smother combo. Marica reacts with a terrific scissor, and the match takes off! You have never seen the blond beauty as determined as she is today. Sabrina finds more trouble than she expected and… a breath taking ending!

Michela vs Ambra (rookies, 4 minutes)
Michela wants to win the big one and Ambra is put under great pressure by the bigger girl trying to pin her at all times. They fight really hard and don’t seem to like each other. Ambra’s impressive techical skills opposed to Michela’s strength: who wins?

Final award ceremony (10 minutes)
Flowers for everyone and two beautiful Summer Party Cups for the winners of the Big and the Rookie categories. Final interviews with all the girls: time to weighing things up. And, especially with the winners, lots of smiles and celebration ending a great event!


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4 years ago

the winner of “Big” league lost her fight against the 2nd girl. the fight was quite balanced and super exciting, shiwdown fight between them is highly antcipated.